21st Century….

Posted: يونيو 10, 2010 in مقالات


Are we becoming less by the day  ?

Our communication – Wireless

Our dress – Topless

 Our telephone – Cordless 

Our cooking – Fireless

Our youth – Jobless 

Our food – Fatless

Our labour – Effortless

Our conduct – Worthless

Our relationship – Loveless 

Our attitude – Careless

Our feelings – Heartless

Our politics – Shameless

Our education – Valueless 

 Our follies – Countless

Our arguments – Baseless

Our Job – Thankless

Our Boss – Brainless 

Our Salary – Very less 

Our emails – useless!!!

Our مدونات commentlessssssssss

افهموها بئا يا جدعان


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